audio for film and television specializes in one off music for film and television.

We do not license pre made tracks but create unique tracks for each project. What this does is guarantee that your project will be the only one with that piece of music or sound. We write specifically for the scene or project.

You can be proud knowing that your project really is unique to the final detail.

Now we could bore you with a long list of what we have made or what we have achieved but we believe that the proof is in the pudding !!!

so send us your project and let us write a piece of music for you. We believe you will love what we make and of course hire us for your project !!

Email us with the details and we will get back to you ASAP.

The Audio Agency


First single was released in 1994 (Eclipse-Let the rhythm move you) This track entered many charts all over the world and remains a much loved euro 90’s track. From then on I have made/written and released more then 40+ tracks.



Studio engineering is maybe my biggest passion.I genuinely LOVE sound and will do all within my power to make sure your project sounds AMAZING.


No project is to small or to big !. There is always a solution to any project needs.Just email with your plans and lets get started !


Nothing to say here really only I love sound and music……………